CAE Analysis Service


Vibration Analysis

The purpose of the vibration analysis is to calculate the resonance frequensies and natural mode shapes. Learn More


Interior Noise Analysis

The interior noise is one of the key factor in the modern commercial aircraft or automobile which the customer determine product quality. Learn More


Ride Quality Analysis

Ride quality analysis is very useful method to find out vibration mechanism and to obtain optimum values to meet the vehicle performance Learn More


Stress Analysis

The purpose of the stress analysis is usually to determine if the structure can safely endure the specified forces. Learn More


Laminate Composite

Composite structure designed by using this useful properties becomes lighter than other structural materials. Learn More


Model Correlation

The finite element model (FEM) developed based on the drawing is often correlated with test results to determine the validity of analytical Learn More


Structural Optimization

Nastran optimization sequence relieves the optimization process by automating the iterative process of comparing proposed design... Learn More