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Test, Simulation, Flight Data Monitoring

Aeromecha provides a broad range of structural dynamics and stress engineering consulting services to the aerospace industry, automotive industry and other industries since 2005. We specialize in the use of state-of-the-art finite element method to provide the most cost effective solutions to a broad range of structural problems. We provide design recommendations that meet cost, weight and functional targets for client's products. The mission of Aeromecha is to provide our customers with best service in mechanical dynamics by delivering practical and effective solutions based on our experience rather than simply analysis and test results. We also provide motion data recording system to vehicle or aerospace customer.

Our Services

1) CAE Analysis Service
2) Testing Service
3) Software Development
4) Measurment System Development
5) Educational Material Development


Normal Mode Analysis, Frequency Response Analysis, Transient Response Analysis, Structural Acoustic, Structural Optimization, Stress Analysis, Laminate Composite, Experimental Modal Analysis, etc..

Software in Used

Solver: NX Nastran
Pre-Post Processor: I-DEAS, Femap
Modal Modeing: DC-Modal (AEROMECHA Original)
Experimental Modal Analysis: ME' Scope


modaltest 027s_LT.jpg


a) Interior Noise Analysis of Cabin Structure
b) Full Vehicle Shake Sensitivity Analysis
c) Idle Vibration Analysis of Exhaust System
d) Stiffness optimization of Engine Mounting System
e) Vibration Improvement of Power Train System
f) Stress Analysis of Main Wing
g) Weight Reduction of Aircraft Structure



 Aircraft Equipment Manufacture
 Automobile Manufacture
 Aerospace Laboratory         
 Auto-Parts Manufacture
 Blower Manufacture         
 Heavy Industory  
 Measurement System Supplier   
 Electronics Equipment Supplier